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The Hewanorra Fiduciary Services Group was formed to bring together the interests of Nicholas John & Co. and The Fiduciary and Consulting Group in developing a Caribbean based fiduciary services provider and at the same time enable present and future clients of both to engage in the St. Lucia advantage.

Nicholas John & Co. is a full service law firm in St. Lucia and thus the Hewanorra Fiduciary Services Group and their clients are able to have ready access to whatever local legal services are needed in conjunction with a structure established in or operated from St. Lucia. Mr. John's firm is a member of McIntyre Sträter International and is thus able to extend its professional reach around the Caribbean and beyond.

Predominantly operating from the Asia/Pacific region, but with extensive experience in Caribbean jurisdictions, The Fiduciary and Consulting Group consists of companies providing advice and administration to a world-wide client base; within this Group are companies licensed to provide banking, insurance, money-lending and trustee services. The principal operating companies are found in Hong Kong, where the Chief Executive, James Wadham, is based; in New Zealand, in Samoa, the Cook Islands and the Philippines; there is also a Group company in England providing trustee services.

Through the expansion of its services into the Caribbean, through the establishment of Hewanorra, The Fiduciary and Consulting Group is not only able to extend the range of its services to its clients, but also extend to clients of Hewanorra the facilities available from its well established businesses in other jurisdictions.



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